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After a sudden tragedy, Helen is at a crossroads in her life. The decision she makes will impact her life and the lives of her family. To what effect does a life event alter our priorities and actions becomes the burning question.


Recent widow, Helen, whose husband of nearly fifty (50) years died suddenly, finds herself for the first time in her life living alone. Until she married the love of her life, Richard, she had lived with her parents and sisters. Three children and fifty years of marriage later, through a series of flashbacks, photos, and memories, Helen realizes that she has always seen the world through the eyes of others. She feels no bitterness, no regret. Now Helen is in a position of having to make a decision that could change her life, but what sort of impact will it have on her children?


NOW HEAR THIS is a promise fulfilled to my dear friend, Olympia Dukakis. While visiting with her one day at her home in late 2016, I asked her, “Olympia, do you still want to act?” “Of course!” she said, “But there are no good fucking parts for women my age!” To which I immediately responded, “I will write you one.” 

I promised I would write her a strong female lead and over the course of several years and several roadblocks, the result is NOW HEAR THIS. Unfortunately, Olympia did not get to see or hear the final script nor bring the main character, Helen, to life. A week before Olympia passed away, I was fortunate to visit her. I read to her what I had written up to then, the original five pages I started years ago. As she listened, she held my hand, and when I finished, she squeezed my hand as hard as she could and, in that distinct Olympia voice, said, “It’s good! It’s really good.” Honestly, I wasn’t confident I would be able to finish it after she passed. Then I was reminded by yet another brilliant actor that I needed to. She was right. I made a promise to my friend, and I do not break promises, especially not one as beautiful as this. So, this is For Olympia, with love. 


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